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My Ex bf ! That I really LOVe

We first meet when i was in 1st yr. high school but where friend in that time ... becoz he like my best friend soo I never think that I fall in love with him ! but when I was 2nd yr. and 3rd yr. we never talk anymore since my friend move to other school ... but whe i was in 4th yr. We become classmate he become caring ,sweet,and protective to me! I know he is a playboy sex addict ! but i never care about it !

we go out,and have a date ! i fall in love with him we become lovers ! but when in the 3rd week he ask to have sex with him ! i insist im not ready yet and he never ask about iit anymore ! until my friend and him had go to a bar ,i was drunk i never know what ive done , he ask me to go their house and I said yes becoz im realy drunk ! and when i go his room he grab me and throw me to bed and ! have sex with him i cant fight him becoz im to drunk and he is big than me ! i never thought that he will do that to me !

and i broke up with him ! he never told me that he is sorry he just laugh and told me you will never goin to find a new boy friend coz your not a virgin anymore ! i was shock and cry! now i can be a good girl friend ! soo stupid


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