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I could really use a wish righ

So me and this guy were dating for over a year , and he wound up living with me for a while ( my parents said it was okay since he had a pretty crappy life at his house ] . He did go home and visit often since they lived right around the corner .

But then we moved , to a different state 15 hours away . He moved with us , but after two months he had to go home with his mom . And the long distance thing worked for a while , but then we were arguing a lot .

One day I told him while I thought we needed a break . Well his mom has a habit of moving around a lot because of not paying the bills , including the phone bill . And we lost touch .

I recently regained contact with one of his cousin's with whom he used to be extremely close with and now I'm finding out that the girl he's dating now ( who happens to be an ex - meth head ] made him rip up our pictures , and letters . He was making a collage on his wall of all of our pictures and letters until we seen each other again . She calls him a fat bxtch , and a fxggot . Two of the three things that he cannot stand . She lives with him and his mom and one of his sisters for the time being . But they usually jump from house to house because they fight like psychos . I really really regret taking that break . I loved him so much , he was the first person I ever loved , and I still love him .


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