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well,it was not like i liked him or anything,we were just business partners and he fell inlove with me instantly,he confessed that he loved me but i never fell inlove with him i just enjoyed his company but not love so i told him off to leave me alone and he did.

after some time i was at his office and met his friends one of them and started flirting with him,i slept with him once but never liked him anymore,and lets call him ken,ken found out about the affair i had with his friend and he was so upset and disappointed with me so he decided to move on and found another gal,then i didnt care coz there was nothing between us.

one day i found myself thinking of him and decided to call him and we met and he kissed me for the first time and told me that he still feels for me but was very upset with me because of what i did with his frend for the first time i felt so stupid and sorry for him and now i want him back maybe we can patch things up


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