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i want revenge

i had a boyfriend when i was in highschool.. he courted me for about six years..at the first 5yrs, i really don't like this guy..his looks,his clothings, being messy and so on.. but one thing i admire him most is being a music lover and a talented one.

i fell inlove with him..at first,friends,but as time passed by we became lovers.knowing that he loves me so much and as well as i.. as we journey our lives,we encounter so many trial, but we are strong to face that all.we were so happy that time,knowing that we have each other.

until one day,i've noticed him changing at me.seems like his having a mood regarding his feelings towards me..when i look great,he loves me.but if not, he's sorry.i felt really bad.i was disappointed and really hurt that it brings me to a decision in breaking up with him even if i really dont want....

a year from that moment..im still confused about my feelings towards him..i dont know if this is anger,bitterness,or the saddest truth that im still inlove with him even if he now had his girl...-missing him


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