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i regret that night i met him

so i met this guy through a friend, i had broken up with a guy who had emotionally abused me in many ways. i didnt really know this new guy well but from the little i knew, he seemed very responsible and i was impressed by that and wanted to give him a chance. i rushed into that relationship and that is an something i will advice all of you against. we went out once and on the first date i asked to see his place not cuz i wanted to make out with him or anything, i just wanted to know where he lived cuz he knew where i lived and tht day he was acting very funny,trying to touch me and all. i was firm and he stopped.

a few days later he was talking sex. i didnt want to hear it and he got mad. we spoke about it and he decided he was going to wait till i was ready. but i let him touch me and all that whenever i was with him

so one day i just decided to go ahead and do it cuz it wasnt like i was a virgin and it was going to happen anywys so why not then? that ws my thought.

then everything started going in a downward spiral, he wouldnt call unless i did, wouldnt even bother to ask to hang out or see me if i didnt say anything, it ws like he ws only nice when he wanted sex, pretending like he cared. this guy wanted to have sex everytime we were together and it got to a point it began to bother me so i put a stop to that and would refuse with many excuses.

he wasnt the kinda guy i would normally like at all, he didnt have the looks or the personality or nothing so i kept asking myself why i was with him.

finally i broke up with him once but i guess i wasnt very ready so when he asked to get back, i agreed. he promised to change and he did for a while but soon after, he went back to his old ways. i decided not to call him and see if he would call me, he never did. he would wait till night to call to say gudnight sometimes, one night i spoke to him about what i had observed, he didnt say anything meaningful to explain his actions. the following day he didnt call until evening, i was at work and asked him to text, he never did. by that time, i had decided to end it all but i know i would have tried to work it out with him if he had at least called me to talk about it. i didnt want to be the one to keep fixing it and obviously he confirmed my fears, i didnt mean anythin to him at all so he never called again.

its been a week and i havent heard anything from him. he comes online on my skype and facebook yet we dont talk. the "relationship" lasted for a little over 2 months. it hurts a lot but i know i made the right decision because it wasnt going to work out anywys. i feel like a fool in many ways, wasnt smart and i feel embarrassed too.this whole thing has thought me a whole lot as well as brought me a lot of pain each time i thnk of how i let myself so low. for now, relationships are on hold in my life until complete college. i am done


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