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Too little too late

I met C in 8th grade, he was in 10th. we were in a play together. we hated each other with all of out beings. freshmen year for me we were in a coffee house together, i was killing time and so was he. we had no one else to talk to.

something just clicked. from that moment on i couldnt get him off my mind. everytime i ran into him at school he would grab my hand and flirt with me. he'd get really close.

this went on for months. eventually i heard he was dating someone, and i was angry, we had been flirting and that was wrong. so i asked him and he got mad at me and said of course not.

the next day i went up to see him and he refused to talk to me. i figured id give him some space. a week later i tried to talk to him again and he blew me off. he didnt wanna see me anymore.

it broke my heart, i put on my sunglasses so no one could see me cry. for a few more months i waited hoping he'd talk to me again. i tried to text him and he'd ignore me. so i gave up.

it was still killing me. everyday. near the end of the school year i got a message from him. it was REALLY long and it was him apologizing to me. telling me it was driving him crazy not talking to me. that he kept asking people how i was doing and he was worried about me. that he missed me and didnt want to fight anymore. i didnt know whether to be happy or angry, why did it take so long?

the next time i saw him i was afraid to approach him, the last time i did he hurt me so bad, it was weird knowing i could again. but he came up to me and hugged me. it was the best hug i had ever felt. i never wanted it to end.

sadly there were only 2 days left of school. i saw him a couple times but it all came down to talking over text and myspace.

that summer was amazing. we stayed up till all hours of the night talking on myspace. he told me he wanted to be a couple when we went back to school, that he cared about me. we talked about absolutely everything.

the first day of sophomore year he came up behind me and startled me. it was the first time id seen him since last year. he walked me to class and flirted saying "im just gonna watch you walk away." it was great. he did this the whole first week of school. i was certain we were gonna be together soon.

on my way to see him one day he walked right by me, holding his new girlfriends hand. my heart dropped. i sobbed. i couldnt believe this. i had no idea he'd do this to me.

i was thankful i could just walk different ways to class so i didnt have to see him. but thenhe swiched into my advanced theatre class. i wasnt too happy about that.

i heard he broke up with that girl and it was driving me crazy not speaking to him so i did. i asked him how he was and he said he'd explain everything.

next day he wrote me a letter, it explained what had happened and why he did what he did. he said he needed stability and not a rollercoaster like me. he said it was a mistake chz she cheated on him. he missed me.

i fell for him again. for a few months we would be okay. then hed get some random girl. then they'd break up and he'd apologize. i fell right back into his trap.

eventually i got mad and stopped talking to him. we were at rehersal one day and i didnt have to go on for a while. i was chilling in a corner backstage trying to stay out of the way. he came up and sat next to me.

we talked and i told him i was mad at him. i was hurt by what he did to me all the time. i told him i wanted to be with him and i apparently wasnt good enough. he argued with me. he told me the reason he couldnt be with me was because of his father and how his dad told him no girlfriends.

he said he wanted to be with me but it would have to be under wraps until he could tell his dad. i fell for him and his words once again. i agreed to be with him. he took my hand and it was so amazing. i was so happy.

a few weeks later he broke up with me, over text. his dad found out and wasnt happy. or so he said. then we went on winter break.

after winter break he tried to flirt with me again. i was so mad at him, he broke my heart over and over again. he was all upset when i told him to leave me alone. he was sulking all day.

i texted him asking what was wrongf and he told me it was because he screwed up, he was upset he lost me. i dont know why but i told him he hadnt loat me. that i was just hurt. he told me he wanted to date me for real. in public, everyone knows, date me. i agreed.

a few good weeks went by. this is how it ended. Sunday night: "i never want to lose you again." monday afternoon: "it isnt working. i hate you."

of all the things he did to me, he had never said he hated me. that was the final straw. during that time i was hurt. badly. it felt like i was happy for a moment and then it was yanked out from under me.

i was at the talent show tryouts and so was he. i was mad i couldnt go anywhere without him being there. a guy i knew, ej, was there with his best friend. i walked up and started talking to him. we were just friends but we got eachothers numbers.

we talked for a few weeks over text. just as friends, but he made me forget about c. i started falling for him. but like every other time c came back, apologized and he started texting me again. interestingly enough i was more excited to get texts from ej. id ignore c's texts to reply to his.

when ej asked me out i was nervous to move away from my comfort zone which was cody, but i said yes.

ej and i have been together for a year and a half. he has proven his love for me time and time again. he has never done and never will do anything to hurt me. he loves me. c of course tried to steal me back, but i said no.

c is out of my life now. and im glad.


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