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I Want To Bring Back The Past

I remember the first day when I saw his face
Remember the first day when he smiled at me
He stepped to me and then he said to me
I was the woman he dreamed about

I remember the first day when he called my house
Remember the first day when he took me out
we had butterflies although we tried to hide
and we both had a beautiful night

...this song was really related on us.

at the beginning of our relationship... we had a very crazy moments. because I am living in a dormitory inside our school, it's hard for me to get out... that's y we are seeing each other late in the evening, secretly... this was not that difficult bcoz he is having his duty in our school every 6 pm - 12 am.

But this happy and crazy moment didn't last long :(.

We had an argument which led in getting out his feeling of love for me. This was bcoz, I am being so suspicious to him. I doubted his love for me. And he got angry bcoz of that attitude of mine.

If only I could bring back the past... I must not did that... I want him back!. It's been 4 months since we broke up... but still, my love for him remains constant until now, and I think until forever. :(

I really, really love him!

but I can't get him back... coz he already having his new gF. I saw his relationship status in facebook. it really kills me when I saw that his married to "someone"... what the???. >.<

I can't get over him. I can't let myself to love again with somebody. He's the only person that I would give my heart... but how??? he doesn't love me anymore. He told me that, He tried to... but he really can't :'(.

He cuts my heart so deeply.
I keep bleeding on love.



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