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So Sad But So Funny!!! hahahah

Okay so I broke up with my ex of 4years 3weeks ago and he has been coming by my place visiting me,cooking me dinner buying me some things too. So I been wondering what has been going on lately and he has a web page on the same website as me and I go to his page to see it every once in a while. He doesn't know that I have one so yea ima see what's up that he's not telling me even though he still coming to see me and all that. He's a liar so I gotta do what I gotta do. So all that's on his page are hoes!! I mean I'm not just saying that cause I'm his ex and he's not showin me no attention because he does,these girls are on there saying if you got a crazy wife or girlfriend don't tell her about me cause I will slap her if she gets crazy with me!!


Its so funny to me because I would think he would find someone more decent than that and someone that's actually good for him but he just wants hoes I don't understand it! We haven't established the whole thing about you see whoever and ima do me but I think I found someone that is honest and so cool. I don't do liars so he can kick rocks with open toe shoes! Him and his nasty hoes! Lmao!

I mean if your gonna be one at least have some type of respect but I guess when you are you don't have any only for the cash when it speaks to em. I don't know cause ima classy yet sassy lady/woman and I'm very educated with goals and I have my own everything and a upcoming model! So why would he want something that everybody gets on the regular I will never understand but I hope he wraps it up tight and with two runners! Hope that isn't too grafic for you folks! Lol have a great day and hope this makes anyone that reads it laugh! Cause I sure did! Grow up men and wake up! And wrap it up!


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