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Okay so I met this guy. Him & I always been flirty & like each other. We've only dated twice. The first time we started dating it only last a "week" he said he couldn't handle not seeing me more then just once a week maybe. Because he's used to seeing his girlfriends a lot more.

Then not to shortly after he broke up with me he started dating this other girl who is also a friend of mine, he met through another friend. They were so in "love" or she was they also only went out for a week for the exact same reason why him & I broke up. So time went by then out of nowhere him & I started talking alot more again like how we used to when we first met. We started liking each other again during the summer but he has also liked his ex & was with her for the first beginning of the summer but they didn't tell anyone they were together again because they were on & off for a whole year, so basically they were together for a year. But he broke up with her indefinitly.

Then I don't know awhile after him & I were together but we didn't wanna make it official really because we both knew it wouldn't last once school got back in so we agreed to just keep it basically friends with benefits. But then he wanted me to promise him that I wouldn't do anything else with anyone but him so I did & he promised the same thing

so then out of nowhere he (without telling me or discussing it with me) he decided to make it official & public. So now everyone knows & is making a big deal out of the whole thing we were together for mmm six months we were, still kinda are in "love" he broke up with me on my former best friend birthday, I was suppose to go on her big b'day trip but I didn't have the money at the time so I didn't go, but he went & his ex the one he dated for a week also went they hooked up & a couple weeks later made a official. Sadly I knew he was gonna start something with her again too within three days after we broke up. I knew he liked her when him & I were together.

He still flirted with me & was kinda inappropriate towards me when he was with her they went out for about six months too he broke up with her because they were having problems & when they were together she told me basically almost everything all their problems & stuff they were having. And I know when they were together he still had feelings for me & he never tried to change that either I so badly wanted to tell her but I just couldn't I didn't wanna seem like the crazy ex or start any drama. So I just tried not talking to him as much & all that it kinda worked but also kinda failed.

Him & I still talk & to this day I know he has feelings for me but after everything & everything I know I don't know if I wanna start anything with him & have drama/problems. Because I know this may seem strange but I'm friends with two of his ex's & he's only had three "serious" relationships which is his first, me & his very similar other girl/relationship that was kinda like me & him. But yet I still have feelings for him.....


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