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He can make me fall for me

I know i was a bit young but when i was in year 2 this fit boy asked me out so i said 'ya ok i will see how it goes'. From then to year 7 it was stop and start and i just keep on falling for it until i just turned on him and he really dodge me in school but now he smile's at me in that way and deches his gang of friends to speak to me and stops me in the corridor and says what did when we went out...

i went round his (when we were going out) and i stole his football out of his arms and i said 'whats the password' he smiled and wrapped his arms round me....well thats what he say to me in the corridor now and i

A.) don't wanna have another ride on the rolla coaster and

B.) i kinda feel for him still.

He is the popular boy at school and me well im very confident with talking to him and i really think he likes me but now i am just in a trance....

what would you do if:

You ex was like mine and is in the popualor group at school who don't really like you but there was a past between you and you love him still abit....


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