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I have the love of my life-Now

Well, a year ago I was walking round school when I noticed this good looking guy. He was a year older than me and I didn't know who he was or what he was like.

Well one day i told his best mates that I liked him and they had a chat with him, and he said he wants to go out with me. So then I spent another two wells discovering what I was going to say. So after all that time, I walked over to the tennis courts and I asked him out. That's when it all started...

We was totally in love. We talked and talked and talked for hours and hours. We couldn't get our hands off each other. So we spent most of our time together.

At times I did get jealous when my ex was talking to other girls which I thought was much prettier than me. Also I use to hate it when I couldn't see him, I missed him so much.

So me and my ex got really serious about each other. We wanted to be together forever and ever.

We was together for about a year and month when my ex started seeing this other girl. Txting her, calling her. So then after a while my ex started to not have feeling for me anymore. Then he was saying we was two completely different people-well we was together for so long so how could that be.

Then after two weeks we broke up, he went out with that girl-explain much?

Then we argued cus I wanted him back. That's one thing you should never do I beg him back cus it often doesn't work-trust me.

So now I'm left with a broken heart and i just want it to mend-I guess thats going to tale a long time.....


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