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I met my ex along my street,he asked me out and we started going out for 2 months. He was cute and handsome,i guess that was why i fell 4 him.

one day on my way to shop,i caught him with another girl in a restaurant. he was shocked, wen he got himself all he could say was my name. He couldnt introduce me as his girlfriend, so i left the place angrily.

he called on the phone, saying he was sorry but denied having an affair wit d gal. i forgave him but didnt trust him again.

i got admitted into a university, he stopped calling and i forgot him too because i loved him but he never did, all he had was lust and it faded the moment i was out of his sight. I came back home for holiday, saw my ex but i just walked away without saying a word to him. we met our selves on different occasions, started talking again then he told me he has another girlfriend. i was not angry, we went to his house, i met his new girlfriend, he introduced me as his friend. i was happy for him, we became friends.

being his friend i got to know his weakness (flirting). i was ok being his friend but he was not, he still wanted a romantic affair. i refused on the ground that he has a new girlfriend, i had a boyfriend 2 who treated me as i deserved.

one day he invited me 2 his house, i went and there he raped me. as his friend, i helped him financially, always advised him because i wanted him 2 change & b good but instead he decided 2 pay me back with evil.

rite now i just want him dead.


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