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I was 17 when my friend had a party 1 nyt a couple days before my birthday. He invited some girls over,and everybody was partying having a good time. Nyt went by, this girl that was partying in the basement and hangin in the VIP room where only a couple people were, came upstairs where i was and grabbed me by the hand. She said, they want you down here,she was pullin me downstairs into the room and we made out that nyt, 1st time ever meeting her mind you.

I loosely knew a friend of hers and told the friend i liked her. The girl came into my work after i got her number and i gave her a kiss when my boss wasnt looking. She left, a day later she came over on her birthday which was 2 days after mine and spent he nyt, did sumthin in bed if you get my drift. Only the 3rd time seeing her mind you again.

Dated for about 2 more weeks, met both her parents, 45 minuite drive to her house. Her frind told me that she had never brought a guy home before, I thought wow, I must be that amazing i guess.

WRONG! She stated acting strange, like I sort of wasn't there really is the only way to put it. Two Week went by, a blizzard hit, I was working because of the snow and I txted her before I went to work, I said babe I'm goin to be workin the late shift because of the snow (so I could work and get extra gas money to go see her.) She texted me,"I got something important I gotta tell you". I said ok what is it honey? She said "I have to tell you in person" Ok I can come C you 2moro.

Worked all nyt into late morning exhausted, txted her I'm on my way. She told me to meet her at this shopping center parking lot. Ok be there in a few babe. Got there stepped outta the car, immediatly got a hug and she said well, "I lost feeling for you about 2 weeks ago"

I was baffled, I srated to say "what" she hugged me and said sorry. I was jus so frustated and in disbelief i got in my car peeled out the lot went home punched 3 holes in my wall, looked like i had lost my best friend and a fight. Last day I saw or had any communication.

A month later her friend texted me, "hey,ya know those 2 weeks ago when she was acting weird, well she was talking to some random guy on a website." That was the last I ever heard about her. Well it just goes to show that no matter what you do sometimes you can't win. Hopefully nobody has to go through that situation.

On a side note, she said she loved me and i know i loved her, and that same day we broke up, i got a phone call saying my grandmother had passed away. Worst day of my life. I got through it though, its almost been a year now and im just starting to talk to another girl. I dont know how I fell so fast for that girl but i did, with every girl for me there is a different length of time it takes for me to fall for them. So I sign off wishing you guys the best of luck out there!


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