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It's been two years and I still love you

i tried and tried to be with other people.i tried to fall in love with someone other you but it seems impossible. everytime i think i got something good going with someone it never seems good enough cause im not with you. it might seem like im crazy but im still in love with you. its been two years and it seems like im never going to get over the love we had. i STILL love you and you just walk by me like im another face in the crowd acting like we never shared something special. that hurts the most. and it hurts to know you dont even want to be my friend you dont want nothing to do with me. we spent two and a half years together and its been exactly two years since we broke up and it feels like a decade. i still feel the same pain tho. the same pain i had the first week we broke up. i dont know how to deal with this . people tell me to move on but its sumthin i cant do as hard as i try. nobody will ever compare to you. but i only have one question. did u intentionally do this to me? did u want me to fall in love with you so you can brake my heart? i dont understand y anyone would want to do that to someone but im sorry to all the people that feel the same way about one of their ex's cause this kind of thing drives you crazy every second of the day. im sorry to everyone who has to go through this....


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