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Thirteen with Guy Problems

Well there was this guy that was best friends with this other guy that i was dating. that guy was always flirting with me and trying to break me and his best friend up so he could date me.

well i had broke up with his best friend because things just wasnt the same anymore well them the next year i started getting call from my ex's best freind and i would talk to him and cut up but then things got serious .well me and his freind started going out out again and that made him really mad but 4 our friendship i decided to break up with him. then me and him started dating.

well the sunday would have made a week but the saturday b4 i made a mistake and did thing with this 17 year old. i cnt lie to my bf bout it bc i felt guilty. he got so mad at me bc i am only 13 but he still wnt to date me but i just wanted to be friends. so we broke up after that.

every guy i hang out with r date he has a problem with.i cnt take it anymore he takes my phone and deletes evey pic of guy. and when i call to talk to him he starts off good but then he goes off and insults me down to nothing.

but i learned that it shouldnt bother me because i am worth more than that 1 i am only human i did make a big mistake about leading him on and doing things with that other guy but i shouldnt be reminded of it everyday :[


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