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He Kissed His Ex

Okay so there was this guy I met in my theatre arts class in 7th grade and we had a lot in common and I started to develop a crush on him so I got my friend's ipod and looked up his number and decided to text him that day after school.

We soon became really good friends and even exchanged a little gift with one and other. Towards the end of the year he told me that he liked me and I liked him too but I wasn't ready for a relationship so I started to act stranger than I usually did around him. I guess my new ways started to frustrate him and he told me he was over me and we stuck to being just really good friends.

During that summer I met another guy and I started to like him and I told him how wonderful the new guy was and he went along, giving my support. Later the new guy broke my heart because he already had a girlfriend and I cried to my good friend and he told me that it was karma for what I did to him. I knew it was true but it upset me and I stopped talking to him.

8th grade year I apologized to him and told him it was my fault for this whole stupid feud and we became friends again. We had a good year until 2nd semester he completely shut me out of his life for no reason and he dated two of my closest friends and this upset me deeply. So that year ended without us talking until 9th grade winter break. My good friend from orchestra managed to get us talking again and this time when we talked everything felt so perfect without any problems or anything and he got a girlfriend. I was happy for him and her because they were both my friends.

but during the month of February I started to develop a crush on him and it hurt me so much because he had a girlfriend. But later on in that month his girlfriend and him started to have problems and he would occasionally hit on me when we texted. And in the month of march he broke up with his girlfriend and we admitted our feelings to each other and we just loved having each other around, I was so in love with him I was just waiting for him to make our relationship official.

But one month later I heard from my close friend that he had kissed his ex girlfriend. I got so mad because he told me he loved me and that day after school he texted me that he was sorry but I was so mad I couldn't forgive him. So we didn't talk for the rest of the school year. Two months later he had the guts to apologize to me and I forgave him but I realized I can't be his friend anymore we caused each other too much pain.


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