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He Still Loves His Ex

I started dating this guy who got dumped by the love of the life in college. They were the power couple amongst their friends. He thought that he was on top of the world, people wishing they could be with his girlfriend...then junior college, she decides that things aren't working out and that she couldn't see herself marrying him and dates 2 other guys within their group of friends...that made him furious and angry with her and they didn't speak for awhile...

somewhere when i came into the picture...they started to talk again and work things out cuz she was no longer dating those guys anymore...the guy i'm dating forgives ex-girlfriend and says that she is his best friends...i have a friend who tells me that i should walk away cuz i'm wasting my life since they are going to end up marrying each other down the road after all that they've been thru..

.the ex-girlfriend still texts me 24-7, they video chat and stay on the phone till they fall asleep together...the funny part is..the guy calls me his girlfriend and the ex-girlfriend tells ppl i'm his girlfriend but yet they still do couply things...

I have no proof how often they talk but when he's in a bad mood with me its because he just fought with his ex girlfriend..they fight more than we would....

its just not fair that she regrets her decision back in college to break up with him and i'm not getting the opportunity to experience a real 100% commitment relationship :(


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