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I want my ex back

Me and my bf been together for a while. He was always telling me that he loves me and always giving me compliments. one day he got mad at me because he heard a rumor that i was liking someone else. I explained everything to him because it was a rumor and it was not true. He was ok with it afterward, and we went back loving each other.

Then one day he told one of my friends that we werent together, but he never told me, and he never said we were broken up. After that we stopped talking for a while. One day he called me and he just talked like nothing was wrong. Then he asked me if i still felt the same way i felt when we were together. I said yes, and i asked him the same question. He said he didnt know. After that we didnt talk for like three weeks. He called me again and asked me for pictures and things of that nature. after i said no he told me that he was gonna hang out with his new girlfriend on the following saturday. I started to cry, and he said baby dont cry over me im not worth your tears.

Two weeks after that he asked me if i wanted to hang out with him and our best friend cuz we share our best friend. i was busy and i said i couldnt n then he said he was busy too n nobody hanged out with nobody.

I just really miss him. there is not a day when i dont think about him, and everytime i do i cry, and weve been broken up for a month going on two. I really want him and i dont know what to do? help me


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