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Took a Break - He Moved On

okay, so i was going out with this boy for 4 months, i know it doesnt sound much, but we were real into eachother and used to say that we were what we had been waiting/looking for. Well we were going really well, but started arguing quite a lot, then i had family issues and found it hard to cope with them + deal with boy troubles, so one day when we were arguing I just came out with 'I cant do this im so sorry, i have to end us' then we talked, and he had a go at me for a bit, then when he calmed down we talked and decided that we would wait for my family issues to blow over and we would start again. After this he started talking to his friends and they started slating me then when this girl decided to post some really harsh words about me on his wall on facebook he replied saying so true.

I couldnt get over why he said that to me and i had a go then left it for about a month, we told eachother we still liked eachother but nothing really came of it, until one day he decided to ask if i would consider getting back with him and i said yeah i think i would, in about a week or so, then i find out from his friends that he likes another girl, within a week they are together.

At this point i could say im over him, i want to move on, blahblah, until i met up within one day, and he invited his new girlfriend, i just looked away fom them, as i wanted nothing to do with im but everytime he kissed her or held her hand, he would look over to me - to see if i was jealous i guess. i gave up and went home, then he decides to tell me while he is still with his girlfriend that he felt something when he saw me, i dismissed it and moved on.

This guy broke my heart, and didnt even realise how much he hurt me, he is still with his girlfriend now and we talk as just friends. he always blamed the relationship ending on me, as it was supposedly all my fault. he still has no idea how much he hurt me, because me being me always kept a brave face on.

My advice to all you girls - Make sure the guy your with is worth YOU, if he plays you about, dont chase him, and remember for some reason boys want what they cant have, as soon as they have all control over you, they act different, these are the types of guys you dont want or need, xx


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