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Well, first off saying that this is not a hate note or letter or whatever you wanna call it. But, i took another chance on this guy that i have been knowing for years. He broke up with me July 2008 before my 21st bday. Yes, of course i was broken hearted but we still kept seeing each other and yes i tried to get him back.

Things changed and i met someone new and so did he. He kept trying to keep in contact with me but every time it would be some drama so i would stop talking to him months at a time. I was with my ex-boyfriend and i was getting ready to leave and go to a party when my mother was calling my ex(the of years) and told him you better come get her cause your woman is about to leave with another woman! Knowing i wasn't with him and didn't want to be i was furious!! So he comes storming through the door and begged me to open the door and i hesitated and said no. Finally i opened the door and we immediately started arguing and me asking him what are you doing here?! He says i have something to ask you at 12 midnight, the whole time i'm shaking my head saying this is crazy and it was only a few minutes til then. He asked and i stupidly said yes with excitement.

As soon as i did it came with drama and doing things i vowed to the lord i wouldn't do until i got married to my husband. I changed completely,i became more stressed out than ever and confused. But inside i knew i loved this man so much that i wanted it to work.

Point is, i gave this man all of me and always was open and honest with him about everything but he felt the need to lie to me and hide things as well. Treated him like the king he was (i thought) i couldn't believe for three months he let me sit back and think i was going crazy by saying something is wrong and he knew all along then two months later confess it. I feel when i ask you should just tell the truth not keep covering it up over and over again.

He confessed that he has a problem with lying and needs help on it. I told him that i always had a feeling that you did but was waiting until you came and told me! After 4 years!??? Are you serious??!?!? So i feel like with all the wedding planning and talk about wanting to have kids i dodged a big huge bullet and broke it off before it got any deeper and now i feel so happy now and stress free. Even though its been 4 days i have my down times about it but i make sure i do and try my best to forget it cause it was a waste of my time and breath to try and love a boy and be there for a boy thats 24 and still living at home with mama. All the times he had to have curfew and go home early,all the times we couldn't hang out or spend time together cause he was so tired for work.

All i know is that one day when i do want someone new and special in my life he will be the man that the Lord sent to me and not just someone that gets way to comfortable and think everything is okay when he's the one thats not keeping it real.

Just a tip...it takes skill to be real and you gotta really be a blunt type of person and not scared to own up to your own mistakes and be a man/woman about a situation even though it would hurt the two of you. Be real with every one in your life and close to you and i promise everything will fall into place as it should and don't ever be afraid to tell truth when it comes down to it no matter the situation. God is love,Love is God be real and happy;) Love Lady M=)


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