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Is there hope?

I was with my boyfriend for 2 years. For those two years, we had broken up 3 times and gotten back together every time about a week later.

It's been about.. 3 weeks now. And my god, i want to die. I love him so much and he loves me but he wants time to himself. I don't understand!! He said he'll be thinking about us and he'll reconsider but it'll probs still be a no.

Some days he's lovely to me, like he used to be, but then other days, he tells me to F off and stop hassling him. He's made all his friends hate me by telling them i cheated on him and i honestly didnt. But then he says he loves me and wants to meet up with me?

So i met up with him. He said we can start seeing each other and kisses me. Obv, Im completely over the moon. I slept with him once again, he told me he loved me. Then i get a phone call saying he doesnt want me, he loves me but he wants to be alone. WHAT THE F*CK. The pain i am feeling, i dont know how to cope and im feeling pretty darn lost without him.

I tried begging ect but it only pushed him further away, so now im just going to show my pain to myself and the friends i can trust and look beautiful when i see him on Tuesday :P im so heart broken it feels like im dying of an incurable disease and all i want is him back. But everyone knows that boys want what they cant have, so lets hope this plan of ignoring him and acting like i dont care will work :/ Wish me luck. x


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