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Then I asked him to kiss me

I met my ex though my sister cause that was her bestfriend but anyways. Me and him started talking and we really loved each other in one night at my brothers b-day party. I was drinking and didnt know what i was doing.Well this guy came ova that i have liked for 3 years now and i started talking to him and then asked him to kiss me.Well the guy said no because he was my boyfriends friend and i was his girl.Then bout 5 mins later my boyfriend found out bout it and he got mad at me but then we made up and i said that i was sorry and i will never do it again.Then when he left that night that guy stayed the night cause he didnt have a way back home.i guess my boyfriend found out bout it that night because the next day he gets my brother to call and break up wit me and i told him to put him on the phone and let him tell me his self.So he did and he said that he didnt like what i did and i was mad so i sayed whatever and then we got back on the phone but then 2 days after we broke up my step-sis went to ahoskie wit him and then on that friday she told me bout it. i was so upset.After me and him broke up we was always fighting when we saw each other and we was face to face onetime but now i me and him talked bout everything and got things straight now but then he starts to leads me on for like 3 or 4 days that i was in ahoskie and it has been 11 months since we have been broke up but now he says he just wonts to be friends for right now! and he says that he wonts to hang out me more than his other friends so we can get close like bestfriends or something but thats my story!!!!


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