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still love my high school guy

B. and I were high school sweethearts. That was almost 20 years ago. I have never felt the same love, with any other guy as I did with B. I have never let go of my love for him, even after 20 years.

B. and I broke up because I had to move back to my old small town with my parents. I didnt want to leave him. I was completely heart broken. I know he was too.

the only thing that got me though this, was my old high school friends were there for me.

B. and I tried to remain together, it was hard being 2 hours away from each other. we did the on again off again thing. then he said it was over. It took me along time to want to date anyone. one night at a party, I met a guy named M. we started dating. after three months M. and I had sex. I got pregnant. M. left me once he found out I was pregnant.

after I found out I was pregnant, I got in contact with B. again. I knew it wouldn't be easy to tell him I was pregnant. I thought, he would never forgive me.

I was surprised when he told me he was glad I told him about it. sure he wasn't happy, but he still loved me.

B. and I did the on again off again thing...for awhile. I came up as often as I could to see him. even after my son, C. was born. I just GRADUATED high school.
B. and I decided to see other people. I moved out of my parents home, into my own place. C. was about 8 months old then.

Then I met A. He came to my house to see A, his cousin. who was staying with me at the time. A. and I began dating. and after two weeks, he asked me to marry him. I told him he was out of his mind. He didnt even know me then. We decided instead of marrying each other, he would move in with me. Everything went well for awhile. until he started getting into drugs, then he became abusive. I moved in and out of the house a few times. Then he proposed to me again. at this time, I got into contact with B. once again. because i always knew I still loved him. I was still in love with B. when A. proposed to me a second time. i told B. I had to see him, and that I was coming up right away. I took all of A. money out of his wallet, and stole his car.(honestly I know this was crazy, but I am not making this up. I really did this.) when up to see B. I wanted B. to tell me, he wanted to be with me.

He said he still loved me or he wouldn't of been there to see me. he didn't tell me he wanted to be with me. he said I could move back up there and we could see how things go. that wasn't what I wanted him to say. I wanted him to tell me, yes I want to be with you.

after seeing B., I returned back home with A. car. at the time I thought A. was the one who loved me. he was the one who wanted to be with me. so I married A.
That was the worst mistake of my life. he abuse got worse.

A. ended up going to prison for 5 years. I stayed with him. and once he got out, his abuse continued. and he was screwing women behind my back. finally I had enough. I left him. at this time, I had two little boys to think about.

time went by, the boys got older. I decided to write B. a letter. I remembered his parents old house address by memorie. I sent my letter. he got my letter even though the house I sent it to burnt down 3 years before. I believe in fate, he was suppost to get that letter. He called me. we were so happy to hear from each other. he wanted to keep in contact. at this time he had a girlfriend named T. she flipped out when she found out that he was talking to me behind her back. She did anything and everything to prevent contact between him & I. I am still so in love with B!

B,has recently thrown my past back into my face. how I left him, how I got with some guy, had his baby. this was back in high school! I wanted to make up for the past, I choose to marry the wrong person. I made alot of mistakes, I learned from them. B. eneded up marrying T. which I feel was just to get back at me.
I don't understand, why he would do this? he was so happy to have me back into his life. and now this? Am I wrong for thinking he never got over me? I mean most people would have just said things didnt work out between us. They wouldn't still be so angry over high school crap. I want B back. But....right now it seems hopeless.


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