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Lied from the start

I was small when my sisters started talking to boys, I also get interested and started with them. As I was only 12, I used a fake identity of a 17 year old girl. I started talking to the same boy whom my sister also does. It was nice to chat with him. He was like an angry young man.

After 5 or 6 months, I started to love him but as everything was fake. I keep on reminding my self that i dont love him. Months pass I cried a lot for him.

After 1 year n 4 months he started talking to me like m his best friend. We used to chat for hours and at night I used to call him daily for at least 1 n half hour. He proposed me but because of the fake identity i didnt answer anything. he tried for at least 1 month after that he told me that he proposed another girl. He started talking to em lyk before just hi hello nothing else we were less then friends.

Now i have blocked him after whole 2 years . I never saw him in real. This will be my last Wish to at least see him once . I was the one who made mistakes . I Had cried for him from 2 years and i know my tears are never gonna end!!!!


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