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i cant get over him

i dated this 1 guy 4 about a month. he was perfect 4 me and he said he loved me and he was my 1st kiss... but it was a long distance relationship and i could only c him in the summer.

so when summer was ending he started liking this other girl and i was heartbroken. he flirted wit alot of girls my friends would tell me. sooo i tried to talk to him about it and he wouldnt answer my calls or txts so i just told him that we were through and that i thought he was different but he wasnt and that he was a jerk 4 cheating on me. i didnt talk 2 him 4 weeks and then he replied. we became friends and i went out with his bff. so when i was goin out wit him it just wasnt the same as the other guy, i broke up wit my new boyfriend. He begged for me back but i couldnt like him and another boy.

my 1st kiss boyfriend told me that he still liked me and i didnt know what to do so i said that it waasnt true and that he was lying to me. but he wasnt and i cried over him sooo many times. eventaully i went out with him again and it was even more serious than the 1st time. we nvr faught or anyhting. he would always compliment me and say i was perfect and i love you.

one night he was at a party and he wasnt answering and he was talkin to me less and less. i dumped him and he was devistated. we didnt talk 4 months. then we talked again and we were bffffs! :) it got serious and he would say he was in bed wit no shirt and that he had a six pack and that i was perfect... but he nvr could commit again so he nvr asked me out. he was afraid of me hurting him again. i understand.

then 1 day he txted me and said he was getting his fone taken away for a week(wich was the only way we could communicate) and he said he loved me. i waited 6 days and then my friend txted me and said that he was in a relationship on facebook. so i gave it to him . i said that he didnt change at all like he already cheated on me. i was unable to stop thinking about him though . i kept txtin him and i said i was sorry and eventually he replied. we were friends and then he liked me again. and then he didnt and then he did, and now he doesnt, he likes my friend...

so i dont know if i should let him do his own thing for awhile and then let him know himself that he still oves me? what should i do with this confusing but yet charming boy???


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