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he's just one of them

i met this ex boyfriend of mine at the disco.he caught my attention at the dancefloor coz he is really a good dancer...while dancing i cant keep my eyes off on him and him to me as well...

that night we ended up exchanging eact numbers and texting, the next morning he left then back after a moth but the communication between us still going on...and he's back we spent 2 weeks together, happy and unforgettable 2 weeks of my life..hes the first serious relationship that i had....

after a month he left the country and we had an agreement to have an open relationship coz he's leaving for long..we promised to each other if we found another we have to be honest and tell it..

after 3 months he's back and i feel there is something he didnt answer my calls or any messages until one day i found out that he got a gf (model)..i really feel so bad...i was really really hurt.....

anf after few months he's back and i still love him..i take him back but for the second time he's doing it again....thats why i dont trust guys right now. there just all the same


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