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Struggling to let go

I met this girl at a friends party.

At first i didnt think much of her but she was smitten with me, and so i decided to ask her out and get to know her better. Things were going well and we had one or two make-out sessions but after a mere three weeks i get the "i only like you as a friend" line.

For about a week i was pretty distraught.

My problem is this:

More often than not when i meet a girl i end up in the friend zone, and ive not come across many women that have been romantically or sexually attracted to me.
And so after this girl had been so very into me i manage to end up as just a friend again after a mere three weeks.

I cant help but wonder what i did wrong.

And because she didnt do anything wrong - we never had a cross word and she wasnt mean about the break-up - i cant blame her for it.

There is no-one to blame but me it seems.

And worse still, after saying we could be friends, she doesnt seem the least bit interested in talking to me at all.

She has completely cut me out of her life and wants nothing to do with me
the last time we spoke i managed to get her to answer one question:
what did i do wrong.
she said nothing.
what did i do wrong??


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