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I met this girl at my college. I found her quite attractive but at the same time hostile, so i never made an effort to speak to her.

However one day we were both going on a day trip and so i asked if i could hang around with her because i didnt know anybody else on the trip. She was ok with this and introduced me to her friends.

I barely knew her but even as we were waiting outside the college she kept staring at me and standing very close - far closer than a mere friend would.
Throughout the day she paid me the most attention out of anyone and sometime after lunch she grabbed my hand.

As i said i found her attractive, and i was inexperienced with women - still at the stage where one jumps at anyone who shows any interest because one worries that this person may be the only one to ever show interest.

The level of physical contact escalated steadily throughout the day, and we kissed right before getting back on the coach.

The next day i tried to speak to her but she seemed completely lost and reluctant to pay me any attention, so i backed off. I next spoke to her a few days later and she had a boyfriend. I was hurt but i dropped the issue and moved on.

I dont remember speaking to her much after that but it was always her who found me, and she always had her boyfriend in tow, as if showing him off to me. However i became his friend.

After a month or two we spoke as friends as if nothing had happened (the girl). This suited me fine.

She asked for my number and gave me hers but i never had any communication other than seeing her at college.

Not long after this pretty much everyone around her was noticing that she and her boyfriend were drifting apart, and they broke up for a bit but got back together very quickly. At the time i didnt really pay any attention to it.
Then a few months later they were drifting apart again. She paid far more attention to me than to her boyfriend even in front of him. I have to say he handled it well.

Anyway me and this girl had some heart-to-heart conversations just as friends - as i had recently broken up with another girl. At one point she asked me about the trip we had and what it meant. I said i didnt know. She said that she had hoped i would have asked her out, and that clearly it "wasnt meant to be". Again i thought nothing of it

This girl dumped her boyfriend. I felt his pain.

I had another heart-to-heart with the girl and she spoke of getting me another girlfriend. She tried to set me up with some other girls she knew. I wasnt interested.

During our final heart-to-heart she started hinting heavily at something happening between us. I ignored it and finally she spoke openly about "us".
What she said next puzzled me when i responded:

"im not ready for a relationship right now, i just want fun and games."
I interpreted this as she didnt like me enough to be my girlfriend and just wanted sex. I went along with this.

However our chats got progressively emotional, and again being an utter idiot i responded like-for-like.

Before we had a chance to do anything, she went completely frigid towards me. After a few days i called her out on it. She said "it was only supposed to be fun, but you started getting heavy". I reminded her that i had responded like-for-like all the way. She said that she was confused and still loved her ex boyfriends. I called it off and agreed to just be friends. Throughout this i learned that the boyfriend she dumped twice had been getting close to another girl before this girl confessed her "undying love" for him, and i sort of get the feeling that both times we got close i was just the backup guy.

After the second breakup she flirted with a few other guys and still flirts with my friends in front of me, whilst still acting a bit frigid towards me. This was months ago and she hasnt attempted to contact me since


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