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He Lied and Cheated

It has been just a few years, I was 16 and ignorant, no matter, I still think about it. He - a 19 year old boy, who had everything I wanted in live. We had an interesed in the same music.

And so one day (the first day we met.) I fell in love. One turn point. I allready had a relationship. After considering and talking to my best girlfriend S. she told me to dump the boy I was with and take what my heart most desired. And so I did.At that point he worked in a restaurant. At a friday night they had a live band and I went to watch with another friend of mine. It was fun and he came out of his work saying he wanted to talk to me. I outside with him.
And there he kissed me. All was perfect. And we got a relationship.

All went well for the first month. We had fun, allot of fun. And for the first time, I felt I was flying. The there was a Gala-dance - Prom. We were invited and we went there. I was dressed on my most perfect way, with a long black dress and my friends said I looked like a superstar. That was the first time i felt that way, or looked that way for that matter. He came to the house of my friend T. dressed as a member of a gothic band. With his black skaterpants.. ripped up shirt and black satanic crosses on his face. As we all knew as we got to the dance, his access was deneyd. He could not get in. So we decided to stay outside for a few hours. It were our last hours. He was to visit his family who lived on the other side of the country the next day. And stay there for a week. It was two days for christmas. I went inside to go to the bathroom, seeing access was granted to me and my friend T. and S. when we came back, he was gone. I tried to call him but no awnser. I went home and cried my self to sleep.

I could not believe he would do this to me. I tried to call him the entire week and but the fourth day of his absence did i recieve a call back. He was fine but had no reception on his phone. So i believed. My friends T. and S. where with me that enitre week. Talking and laughing. But i wasn't flying anymore. I felt down, I was so misarable.

Finally, he came home. I was so happy and I went to his house in the middle of the night. We talked, kissed and I cried. He told me that we would get away together, and that when I was ready he would marry me. I believed.

That week he started to hang out more with my best friend S. She was just in a nasty break-up and I was happy that they were being such good friends. A week later, they did not want me to come. He was seeing her. They were going to watch a movie.I talked to his sister and she told me, they seemed really close for the last month. She called him during his holliday.

something in my head snapped. I picked up the phone. Called him and told him I knew what he was up to. While i had no idea. two days passed, he stood for my door, S. right behind him. He wanted to talk to me. He told me I was choking him in the relationship, and that we should end this. I could not speak.. and he left. After my head cleared, I started to run after him. Barefooted and sick. And then I saw him kissing S. and telling her that he loved her. I started to call my friends T. and L. and they went to my house, supporting me.

I felt dirty and sick and I cried for two nights strait. The next monday, I went back to school. Together with T. and L. and there they were. Kissing, pretending that nothing happend. And that's when I heard the story. They where together for almost a month and she broke up with her boyfriend to be with mine... I broke apart then and there.

Finding some one else as a rebounce guy - that same monday. The relation ship did not last long, 3 weeks.. It was not ment to be.

It has been a few years now, I was 16 and ignorant. He was 19 and had everything I wanted. Now, I don't care anymore. He and S. broke up. S. never talked to me again. She tried, but I did not care, not wanting. I am happy now.


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