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When I was sixteen, I met the man I would grow to love. We were close friends for years. We connected with our similar pasts and shared passions. I moved out of state to be with him, leaving everything behind for a new beginning. I remember when I got my job here that ensured that we'd be able to be together - we were both overjoyed. We found the perfect apartment and we've had a wonderful relationship for over two years.

Then on a snowy day in May, he came home from work and told me that he wanted to break up with me. Of course, I went crazy. I don't know what went wrong and he cannot give me a reason I can understand. I feel like he's making up excuses to leave me and my heart is heavy. I have never loved anybody this way before. I have given this relationship my all, and I have and continue to grieve it to its fullest.

The hardest part is sleeping alone and the lost of intimacy. I am trying to move on and I will move out of our apartment in a week. I have never been without a roommate before. I'm terrified of being alone emotionally and financially. I have given myself downtime, but I've got a job to work and a lot of healing to do. I do not see the same person I fell in love with anymore.

Everywhere I go, there are memories - our favourite restaurants and destinations. I remember the nicknames we had for each other and the experiences we've shared. He does not express any grief and he seems happy, which bothers me the most.

There comes a point in every relationship that the euphoria is gone - and there is either a breakup or it is mutually decided to work on it to make it work. Love is tough. It leaves us with a heavy heart and forces us to have courage. We must do what we believe we cannot do. I still wonder: I know how to let go of the negative, but how to move on from something so wonderful? Grieve, grieve to its fullest - so we no longer must feel so much pain.


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