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i still love him

me & this boy grew up together because our family's had been friends for years. we always had lil crushes on each-other & acted like lil couple till we were about 14. then we were separated for a year because our family's were in a dispute.

my best friend was his cousin so after the dispute was over i was at her house one day when he came by & that's when we saw each-other for the first time in over a year & boy did he grow up. we exchanged numbers that night & could not stop txting each-other for a week. all we could talk about was how different we both looked to each-other. then finally a week later he asked me to b his girlfriend & for real this time & of course i said yes.

we were together for a year & i gave him everything & i mean everything. i was like his b&ch & i let him walk all over me. but what can i say i was in love for my first time, all i wanted to do was make him happy. i even had sex with him when ever he wanted & that was like every-time i was over. & i was over at his house all the time. i even spent the night there every weekend, it was OK because our family's had known each-other for so long. his mother loved me. i did all of his chores & even his homework, i even cleaned his room & did his laundry & at the end of the day i would still give him a back rub even though he didn't treat me the way i deserved.

our break up came out of nowhere! & i mean nowhere....it happened a week after my sweet 16. i found out later on that he had been planning on breaking up with me on my birthday which i don't understand earlier because that weekend was perfect! he told me he loved me every 2 seconds & we would wake up in each others arms & he would say to me that he could die happy right were he was. & let me tell u i loved him. i loved him more than i have ever loved anything in my whole life & he ripped that from me for no reason. all he did was call me & say that it wasn't working out while all his friends were laughing in the back ground. i couldn't understand what was going on. but then he said to me that it was over & that he loved me as a friend.

so that's my story. he broke up with me a year ago in august & im still not over him. he is & will always b my first love<3


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