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So I started my new job in the deli somewhere in the beginning of the year, Ive always lived to work. The cute girl from register 4 kept swinging past, just making flirty conversation, I appreciated all our interactions. A few months down the road, I heard from some co-workers that she was a less then savory easy girl.
I was pretty broken up about it, so I decided to offer to drive her home from work one day. she thought she knew what I wanted, what every other guy she'd ever met wanted.. sex.

So on the way to her house, I told her what I'm about. I told her Ive got a chivalrous nature. I wanted to save her from a lifetime of abuse. At first she seemed amazed that I didn't want the benefits she would gladly give up, but over the few months we were together, I think it became a hindrance to her. On valentines day, I dressed up, I bought her a well planned out selection of flowers. I picked her up at her house, an we went out to my favorite hibachi restaurant. I loved holding her hand. Listening to our song the whole way (be my escape). It was an amazing night.. we kissed for the first time. The day after, she went to a drinking party, an slept with an ex boyfriend.

She told me as I was taking her back from work, I kept giving her reasonable excuses for doing it, trying not to choke up.. but she shot them all down. I told her she should consider pursuing her ex, I didn't want her to have regrets, I wanted her to be happy. After a few weeks of constant turbulence with her bad selection of friends, she left me for another guy.

I never told her that I love her, as shes had more then a handful of guys say that. I tried to tell her I loved her through my actions.
I failed her.


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