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i baffled

me nd my ex had been goin out 4 bout 5months b4 we started arguin nd round hiz bday i wnt on holiday nd wen i came bak i saw him play fiightin wixv this girl i h8 but i didnt fink nuffin ov it

den we were talkin in the fone nd i jus blurtted out i knw youve been 2timein me nd he addmitted evry fink i waz heart broken but coz i love him so much i 4gave him

but then bout 2 months l8er things got worse then 1 day hiz friends were lyk jus do it jus dump her so i sed so basicly its over nd he didnt answer then he waz lyk 5mins l8er i got a new girl friend

in 2mins they broke up nd he keeps sayin he loves me nd askin me if i love him i do love him but i jus shrugg my shoulders wen he asks me i dunno wt 2 do i baffled


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