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it hurts being in love

i always used to hang out with my bff and he had an uncle that i really like but i didnt really care about him that much cuz i liked someone else until the summer time i had 2 go 2 my bro's friends house cuz they were having a hindu funcation, and my bff uncle s was there he was playing the drums and i kept lookin at him until he looked up at me n he smiled and i got shy.

few weeks passed and i was haingin out with my friends on my block s also lives on my block anyway he was passin by and i said hi to him n we started tlkin and we went out but it didnt work out cuz we kept agurgin cuz i couldnt see him i didnt want my parents to get mad cuz he was older than me he was 25 n i was only 16.

so we brokeup up like 3 times n i told i was done with him so i started datein theis other guy on my block which happen 2 be his friend a i luv'd him but my sis made me breakup wit him then i found out s was gettin married i called him n told him we need to tlk

so i saw him n he was really mad at me cuz a told him i lost my virginity to him i tlked to s n he wasnt mad anymore

i went home then had second thoughts about bein with s i really wanted to get back with a cuz s had a wife in my country, so i told s i cant be with him he got mad n still to this day we dont tlk.

i just wanted to know if he luvs me or was everything pretend


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