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Love Like It's Your First

I thought I knew love...am still learning the lessons. For me, what was, at first glance, seeming mutual perhaps really wasn't. I say this because it's definitely over. I had to let him go. He didn't come back nor did he make the attempt to bend down on one knee, professing his undying love for me. Yes, that's what I was looking for from him. And it didn't happen. Nothing came close either. Sad, stinging and utterly disappointing. A long-term relationship no more.

Hmmm, absolutely time for me to move on. Life is way-y too short to spend more time with someone who doesn't feel something meaningful for me in their heart no matter what mine felt for him (at it was soo much!!). My heart remains wide open as do my eyes...it is better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all.

I believe the love of my life is on their way to me right now. I say: Stay strong, kind-hearted and compassionate regardless of the hurt you may encounter. Being in love has much to offer and is well worth the momentary ups and downs through it all.


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