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Summer Romances dont last :(

It was the start of the summer and my brother took me out as all my friends were away and i was moaning. he took me to a club hes goes to, thats where i met my summer romance. It was one of my brothers friends he kept looking at me and when i caught him he looked away. Then my brother introduced us and i was instantly attracted to him. He had an amazing smile, lovley curly hair and the most beautiful blue eyes id ever seen.

So i kept coming back and we got closer and closer, one day he hadnt finished his drink when he went to get something to eat and gave it to me. The bottle was freezing and when id finished i grabbed his hand and said "feel how cold my hand are" and he didnt let go of my hand after that.......

later that day he asked me out in way id never forget "so im going to offically ask you out now. Hows that sound" and did the cutest smile ive ever seen theres no way id of said no.

It wasnt a long realtionship it lasted a month and got complicated neither of us wanted to break up but we had to and he did the honors. Its the most loving break up ive ever had and il aways be greatful he did to my face and gave a sweet kiss at the end. You never get over people you just move on. I still love him now. xxx


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