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The Game plan!!

well my ex and i have been dating for 8 months and he decide on a tuesday nite that he wanted to break up with me (this was a day before his birthday )so he txts me and says i think we should see other people

and here i am crying my eyes out for a whole week during this week he txts my friend becaus he knows that her nd i talk all the time and tells her lil things because he knows she is going to tell me so he tells her that he is in love with the girl he is dating now

so that sunday i get a txt and he says hey i know you dont wanna hear this right now but im sorri for what i did when we were going together and i still love you..and i said ok and he says so i guess you dont wanna talk...

and now all this week and still right now today he is trying to get back with me and he is mad because i wont give him an answer. he said tht we were made for each other and he is doing anything and everythong to get me back

i feel so sorri for him but now i am playing the same game is was playing except for i am talking to this other guy and he is an upperclassmen and he ask me to prom which i will be attending...and my ex doesnt like that when th r guy comes and hugs me i make sure my ex see`s that and when we kiss i m ake sure my ex see`s that..

im just doing the same game that he tried to do but it just didnt work out for him the way it is for me..me and my ex may get back eventually but im just letting him sit out in out field looking pityful waitng for the ball to get back into his field....


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