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Me and my ex.

Well my ex broke up with me two months back we had fights about us and talked about us but he wated his space.. i find out he did stuff with other chicks.. i did not knwo what to do, i couldent really do anything.. so he said it could not work cuz of our fmailes they hated each other. but that has never stoped us befor.

Now we are freinds but the thing is we still do "stuff" as well.. and he kiss's be good bye and cuddles with me , he says he still loves me and all but he also likes another girl at his school, i go to a diffrent school then him. Its so confusing beacuse i dont know if we will ever get back together or not or if he will just move on and is just leading me on..

so at the moment i am just going with the wind where ever the wind takes me ill go. I just want him back but i dont want to talk to him about it cuz i dont want to make things okword.

Truthfully No one can wait forever. So in a month i am going to try and move on and just maybe he will come to me . i am nto waiting no more for him , i have waited for 2 months now he can fight for me cuz any girl daserves better then toget played. Ill always love him but i cant wait forever.


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