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After 3 months of g's breaking up with her xbf n she promised nt 2 fall in luv anymore n in tht day after 4 months she meets a guy tht she respects him alot bt she nvr thought she wd luv him n g n n meet n frm their first day thy talked like bestfrnds n she decided to make him her bestfrnd

whn she recocnized tht he luuv her so much then she thought 4 dayz n days n finally she luved him2!!!

AFTER 2 months no 1 was happeir than those couples thy had the best moments together fyten 4 eachother luv eachother tho g 4got her promise 2 herself n in tht day g n n made promises 2 eachother tht g wd nvr say no 2 n n n wd nvr leave g ever!!

Aftr 5 months comes the worse week 4 g tht she got bad marks n n was sick. N alwyz said 2 g "u have 2 work hard babe 4 me plzz" bt she didnt tell him tht she spend her time thinking of n n she cant evn sleep becoz she luv luvs him alot more than anythin.

A DAY comes tht n asks g somthin thts the only thin g will say no 4 it n n got mad becoz she refused she tryed 2 explain 4 him bt he wd nvr listen..

n told g byee n thnnx 4 the no.. byee ya g...byeee..

g cdnt evn relise tht she was sick n she had a fever tht day she cd only relise tht she lost tht guy. g wdnt give up she called her frnd n told her everythin n then her frnd told her tht she will talk 2 n bt g said "no dnt do anythin i only want 2 kno if n rlly luv me!"

so in tht day she knos tht n nvr luved her n he was playin all the time playin n then she met him 4 the last time n he told her "u broke ur promise ya g u said NO 2 me!!!" then she smiled n said "well i did i broke 1 promise bt u broke 2 promises hun u left me n u hurted me z tht enough or u want 2 hurt me more!!"


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