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and we crashed hard...

My had my very first boyfriend was when I was 23 years old. It was the first time that I truly loved someone and was loved in return. Our relationship was beautiful inside and out. Filled with love, laughter,adventure, and trust.

I was so well loved and I knew with out how much he adored my love. But there was one problem that took on a life of it's own. His insecurities. He is a beautiful man to say the least...but when ever there was a friendly interaction with another guy he would make a snarky remark about it a few hours later.

It was becoming more evident that he really didn't like himself. He would give me the world, and yet wasn't able to fully accept the gifts I would give him. This all resulted in me holding back feelings and details of my day because I knew that the littlest things would blow out of porpotion. I was no longer being true to my relationship nor myself. I reached my breaking point when the smallest thing would set him off. His negative attitude had become so infected that communication had completely broken down.

He had to work on himself and he could not do it while being with me. We broke up for 3 days. The pain was unbearable. For the next two weeks got very honest with one another and everything was looking up, until I left for a Gem show. When I returned he flipped out. Telling me that I was faulty, and full of [censored]. He was driving and it had become erratic.. when we arrived back it home I knew I had to get out of the house because he was scaring me. He was blocking my exit, and holding me back. Feeling powerless and fearful were the farthest feelings from love...there was no going back. It was over. When I returned home his things were gone, my dvds/cd were broken, and a whole punched in the door. I later learned two days after our break up he went into work blacked out drunk and got fired. He couldn't push the self destruct button enough!!

After 3 months of pain, and adjusting to the absence of him in my life, I feel better. Thank god there is light at the end of a very painful tunnel!!


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