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for 5 years

we've been together for 5 years. we started when we were in grade 6. we dream of our future jobs and during our 4th year high school year we even help each other on our entrance examination in the different academy and university. we passed our examination and he became a cadet as i became an accountancy student. in our 5 years of relationship he keeps on having different women and everytime we broke up i learned all of this. it hurts even more knowing that some of my friends already knew it but didn't inform me and one thing more he's other women are also my friends. when the time that he is in the rigid training i am there for him and no matter how far he is i still visited him. i did everything to make him happy even to the extent that i am already sacrificing my own happiness. i do little sweet stuffs to make him know that i think of him everyday even though he's far away. that time he was not able to use cellphone and cannot go out of the academy because it's a part of their training. we broke up because i got tired of the cycle-> he flirts with another girl-argument-sorry and explanation-forgiveness-he flirts with another girl-argument-sorry and explanation-forgiveness. it's always like that. he tried to win me back again but he failed. just a week after our 5th anniversary we broke up through text at first he did not replied after a while i already changed my number. he never said sorry to me, no explanation, no thank you. after a week he already had a girlfriend. it's been 1 year and 3 mos but we haven't seen each other yet.. still no sorry, no thank you, no explanation..


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