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Loves two women

We married and she could not be happy in my home she had to go to her own place, this happened 10 times before we ended it. While away she got involved with a married man in her area. We have a young son together who is now 8. We are now just over 50. While we were together she retreated to her office in the bacement and the only way I could see her after workng all day was offer her food and drink so that i could lay eyes upong her. I loved her dearly, And I still do. her company is the finest when she comes out of whatever it is that is bothering her. We had sex that was out of this world (she told this to my eldest daughter after moving away to california with my son.) Well that was nice to hear as I was of that opinion too. Only problem is that she acted much like a bovine and she wasnt in the mood only once a month or two. I went along with it because I loved her so. It was the terrible temper that would happen mostly in the morning even after a good night together. I couldnt figure it out. she was finally diagnose with Bi-Polar. But this was well after we were divorced.
I started anohter relationship from afar (Africa) and when she found out she became the most aluring , kind, understanding woman that I have ever known. It confused me and I fell into the bed with her a couple times because of it. boy now I was confussed. I was in love with two people now.
when I went to Africa to see the lady that I loved , my ex sold her home and went to california across the whole country.
Off and on she will be nice to me and I feel the warmth overwhelm me again. I feel guilty, because she tells me that she loves me, and I cannot help but tell the truth, and I tellher that I love her too, very much. I tell her that I am not trying to lead her on but she seems to and when she gets angry because she asks if I am still writing and making plans with the other lady i tell her we are still writitng and she stops letting me talk to my son and is livid. Then after a week or two she apologizes and wants to be my friend.
Oh how I hate this delema. I do not take any pleasure what so ever in hurting her or my new girlfriend. There is no way out. I know the rules. I love them so much that if it were legal I would take care of both of them and neither would have to work..(Just a dream) I know,,I know.
To add insult to injury she has a messneger sevice that I do and has a cam. This morning after my son was gone to school. She bared herself to me. I was creamated right then and there. Oh how it affected my already torn mind. It was like seeing my comforting home thru a window.
Any body have the wisdom of Solomon? I have never been in this situation in my life. My first wife did, many many and today the kids say the count is at 100. She the opposite of my previous X as she is a super Nympho. She weres men out till they have no bodily fluids and then she moves on.
Oh well,,What do I do? I do not mean to lead my ex on and I tell her so, then I want her so. Oh my. ????????


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