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So i met this guy on the internet while i was with my boyfriend at the time, me and him wasnt doing to well so me and the other guy started hanging out, texting each other, making out, even had sex. Then me and my boyfriend broke up, became friends cause it was better off like that and I wanted to be with the other guy so since me and my bf broke it off, He started acting funny, he wasnt texting me nor calling me like he always did, he never took me serious anymore and i knew there was something up..so I asked him how come you havent been calling or texting me, and he just gave me excuses, stuff that i wanted to hear like "oh ive been sick, ive been working alot, well see each other again soon" i mean i was thinking "Man up and tell me straight up!" thats all he kept telling me so the next few days, i saw he was online and he had uploaded a picture of him and another gurl all over him which was his gurlfriend..i know its pretty messed up but i always believe karma has its way..


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