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my ex and i have known each other for just over a year, the first weekend i ever met him we got along like a house on fire- and it was lovely. we were in a relationship for 3 months after that and at the end of it he got weird. I mean: being in my house but never in the same room as me, hardly speaking, being rude, after about a week or 2 of this i called it quits.
6 months later (after i had moved cities and had a lovely new bf) he turns back up again, and swears he wants me back, that his life depended on having me, that he needed me!!!! so we got back together after awile of him persuading me to take him back- so that lasts for another 3 months, i always suspected something about him was shady or sneaky, he constantly txts and emails other girls, i found txts on his fone organising his next girl after me and one day i just lost it- i couldnt deal with being second best anymore, sick of him lying to my face. so i left....
2 weeks after that he turns back up again after not speaking to me at all, tries to give us another chance- stupidly i slept with him because i never stop loving him. And i find out that he had already slept with someone else.... and stupidly!!! i try to be with him still... until the next night (after deciding we would try be together again) he txts and says "im not sure about you"... and that was it. untill just recently- i found out he had cheated on me (the first time we were seeing each other) and it breaks my poor (much abused by him) heart.
Now- he's trying desperatly to get me back. unfortuanately we have the same friends, so its quite hard to avoid him, and he swears black and blue that hes changed and he will love me and only me forever, that he only needs me, and he'll be everything i need... all of the things he said last time.... but i think i'm falling for it!!! when ur head says NO!!! but ur heart wont let you stay away. what do you do????


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