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My husband and I were happily married for 23 years. Everyone thought we were a 'handsome' couple. We married you and both look young for our ages. He had to quit a job of 20 years and he took a job doing the exact same thing, but at entry level pay. He became depressed. I talked him into trying antidepressants. He became angry. He got to where he wouldn't even look at me, when I would ask even mundane questions like, "Did you feed the dogs today"? He had a female friend that he worked with. She was very unattractive. Not his type at all. I had no worries about an affair. Our sex life was alive and well. We were always GOOD in that department!! We moved to a new home. 3 days after moving in, I woke up to a note on the refrigerator, saying that he was leaving me and he was never coming back!! We hadn't even started unpacking boxes. They were all still in the garage and this was a two-story. I was in between jobs. He cleaned out our bank account. I went online the night he left to check his cell phone records and found out that they had been talking for 6-8 hours a night, every nite for at least 6 months. This is a woman that I had entertained in my home many times. They had developed an emotional affair that had turned into a physical one. Oh, she had an std. He got an std 6 weeks before he left. He gave it to me. (Before I knew he was having an affair, obviously!) He has been living with her, since the moment he walked out of this house. That was 8 weeks ago, today. He was my lover, my bestfriend and I trusted him more than anyone in the world. I'm afraid, he's put a dent in my heart ( trust issues) that I will never overcome.


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