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The Lord

It was nearly two years ago, when i first met him. He worked at a restaurant next to the one working, and some how we became friend. I still remember the first day i met him, was the day i just broke up with my then boyfriend. i cried, and he handed me a tissue. i tried to hide my tears away, and i looked up into his eyes. it was beautiful, if was one of the most beautiful thing i have ever seen in my life. his watery soft eyes are trying to tell me, be strong and dont give up. we became friends, we talked, and he accompanied me till i have stopped crying. We became very close friends. Not too long after that, i invited him to my apartment for a johnny depp movie "Chocolat"... i think i can remember every single details no matter how long it was ago... we started our relationship that night. we are one beautiful couple, and its a spot light around us no matter where we go, we always caught attention. believe it or not we do have people come up to us and say "you guys look perfect together" random people down the road... i can admit it was something about us... but it ends too fast... when i took one month back to my own country, everything was changed... he was changed, i was changed, and our relationship has changed... i caught him with another woman, and even though i knew this girl exist, but i choose to let go without saying a word. he blame me for everything, he blame me for not trusting him, blaming me for asking too many questions and doubt his words. But as matter of fact, i really cant do it anymore..."fuck off, go home... and its impossible" thats the last word ringing in my ears before i walked away with no tears...
i cant explain it, i cant believe it till today..even i found someone in my life right now... i couldn't stop wondering, what had happened? i don't wish to believe it was the girl, because it looks more complicated than that... and his mum hate till the max for no reason.. i swear to god, that i didn't cheat on him... and i swear to god, that my heart belongs to him all the way..but how can he changed in such a short time? was is something i said? or something i do or didn't do?
i don't hate him... but i am disappointed..maybe if i see him again one day, i will asked, why leave me T?


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