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Follower.. and a loser

I was young and stupid..
He asked me on a date, i agreed. But what was the harm in dating a guy who was in the same school as me.. ALOT! He followed his friends, and they werent the lovely sort that i adore, they were rude. They kept calling me names such as 'whore' and 'skett' but i hadn't even kissed a guy, he had a great personality, but in the end followed them.. & this rumour went around that he said i done many things. Im older now, and i understand.. he didn't like me at all.. it was all for status, but what is a girl meant to do? Be angry forever.. no. You lift your head up high and smile as though the world is yours.. because if you dont. your the only one who's hurting and showing that your not weak.. is showing that you are the one in control. When i heard these rumours.. I asked him if he said it, apart of me hoped it didn't but he couldnt answer me with a straight face, and i knew. I broke up with him on the spot of course. No guy who does that deserves a girl who was as caring and thoughtful as me. Not trying to boast or anything but i really did like him, and i didn't know what i done to deserve the things he called me, but its fine now. I moved on straight away, as he was to me the 'rebound' guy.. the one i was previously with lasted little, i really did love, and still do. But at the end, girls need to know to watch out for guys like him, they're sweet in person, but with their friends their completely different. I forgive him now, and we could be friends, but we're not. What ever, he was a loser! But at least he's a okay guy now, i wish his best of luck in his life. And hopes he wont be a follower anymore.
- Shellfish101


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