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Falsely accused

I see plenty of tales from women who had bad exes, but now it's my turn to tell the opposing tale. This is from about 6 years ago, but it's still pretty new. Read on.

H* and I dated for about a year. We got further and further apart until finally we broke up. This isn't her tale. No, this is the tale of J* - the woman I started dating a while after the breakup. We started talking and flirting for a few weeks before we decided to start dating. We watched a couple of movies, hung out alone, or with friends. It was a good time for both of us.

Things progessed. We ended up having sex. It surprised me a little because it was actually at her initiation - despite the fact that she was a virgin before this. At the time, I was working full-time and she was working part-time so we didn't see each other quite as often as we wanted to. But we did talk on the phone in addition to seeing each other at least once or twice a week.

But after a little while, things got strange. She started accusing me "making her into my ex". She cited the fact that I was tucking her hair behind her ear as the biggest example. (I was thoroughly confused since I only did that to keep it out of my mouth when we kissed. LOL!) We got through that and things seemed happy.

But gradually our seeing each other slowed down further. Whenever I was free, she stopped being free. Or wasn't home at all despite the fact that she knew my schedule and we'd have little plans.

After a two week absence (which was on the heels of another 2 week absence (no phone even)), she calls me out of the blue and dumps me. She claimed that the reason was because her family didn't want her to see me anymore. I was heart-broken and once again thoroughly confused. Getting along great with my girlfriends' families is one of my specialties.

I dealt with it and the story now jumps 5 years ahead. I had left town for a while and came back. We ended up in a theatre group together. I didn't think much of it - the feelings really were gone after all that time. But then I got a piece of gossip from a friend. J* had been telling people that I raped her!

Apparently she had been saying this since I had got back into town AND for about a year after she broke up with me. None of my friends believed her (THANK GOD!), but some acquainances were definitely affected. In fact, she scuttled one relationship that looked like it was going to start when she gave her "story". Since then, she's been told off by several people who, rightfully, know I could never do such a thing. She's also left the theatre group.

But why would anyone do something like that?


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