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so i met him when my bestfriend brought me to mississippi they were dating at the time and i had no itention in falling for him. well they start fighting while we there so i go and talk to him to settle things for her. we get to talking and im like wow hes such a great guy... anyway when we get home to her house all three of us go upstairs i sit in the living area and the go in the bedroom and have sex anyway the next day he text me hey so we start talking and two weeks later we are talking on an everyday thing well he tels me he likes me and i go since when he goes since mississippi and i was like wow ur dating my bff that wrong hes like i know but i cant help it... he used to go to our school and he was a huge playa well then he join the natioal gguard i thought he had changed so we start talkin talking and my bff gets super mad at me and ill admit it was wrong but she had been lieing to him about everything she wasnt even herself around him. so she hated me and he would be like im leaving her for you baby so he leaves her but always went back so eventually i tell him i tired of being second choice and he was like just a little more time if you love me ull wait well i couldnt say no. he would tell me about how he slept with this girl and did this with that gurl etc.then he comes over to my house and we makeout on my bed it was amazing but then he had to leave right after. so then all he starts talking about is sex this i wanna screw you and i hated that!!! well he was supposed to come over during spring break but that never happened so i got pissed cause he always makes plans but never follows through.. so he text me muah i love you and i said i love u but i dont know in what way anymore he freaks out i cant let u i cause i dont need the hurt right now and u just hurt me i was like ur hurt!!!!! ive been the one in love with you waiting for my chance but u never give it im listening to everything u say im there when u neeed me and i dont say anything when u tell me about what u did with this ir that girl u dont think that sh&t hurt really well sorry if i hurt u then he said i dont wanrt to talk to u bye i reply bye then the next day hes like im sorry ughh boys the never change


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