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Biography of a Goth Dad

We have been seperated more than once and had divorce papers in hand, but never quite finished the legal side of it because the wife has actually told me that the very reasons she stays with me when she gets so angry are the reasons that most women don't even like me. I mention this because it is intertaining and a little less depressing than the norm.

She is an ordinary housewife who dresses and acts the part, with the exception of being awful at taking care of a home, which has been one oft he reasons for our near splits. I on the other hand am a cleaner and organizer.

I am also goth, and that keeps her close because of my off the wall personality. When other kids were doing book fairs I was getting ghost stories. When other kids were making ash trays out of clay in craft class I made skulls and when they painted pictures I did castles and haunted mansions.

She drives a minivan, I drive either a 59 ford or an 81 hearse. She runs a kids intertainment business and I run a photo set at a haunted house and my caskets became furniture for one room. She dresses in regular clothes and I dress in and a jacket trimmed in velvet.

We even have two kids, one like her, a big kid with regular taste in clothing, who hangs out with her sister who wears the black, the choker and has blacklight in her bedroom and goth posters.

I feel for those who have actually broken up because we have been there and I understand the feeling totally. Hopefully this little article will give someone a smile.



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